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Episode 1 | Dive into The Inland Sea

[This video was originally hosted on KoldCast TV]

Welcome to the first instalment of The Inland Sea: An Australian Odyssey. Over the coming weeks and months we shall visit a number of locations throughout Australia. This first episode is an introduction to what is to come and it sets up the premise of our ten-week marathon through the outback.



“This is gonna be like a carousel ride…”

Our trip started in Melbourne on November 28, 2008. The first interviews were done in Aldinga Arts EcoVillage, south of Adelaide, one day the following week. From there we headed north, all the way to Darwin, via Uluru. After Darwin we travelled west, to Port Hedland before cutting through the desert to Carnarvon. From here on, we more or less followed the coastline back to Melbourne. We returned on February 7, 2009, perhaps better known as Black Saturday.

We visited a number of ecovillages and housing co-ops, including Somerville Ecovillage near Perth, and the Pinakarri community in Fremantle. Some of these communities were successful and longstanding projects. Others were in different stages of the process of being established; of beginning to build homes; and, of being accepted and acknowledged by their local councils. A couple of people we met had tried to build an ecovillage, but at some stage in the process, and for different reasons, their projects had crumbled and no longer existed.

In the west, we also visited Prince Leonard I and his micronation, the Hutt River Province. Prince Leonard has claimed sovereignty since 1970, and has not paid any tax to Australia since his secession. Despite only having about 20-30 full-time residents in his self-declared state, His Royal Highness claims to have more than 13,000 citizens worldwide. He has also appointed ambassadors in a number of countries.

See our teaser from the Hutt River Province here.

There will also be episodes of other stories and interviews we picked up along our way. We’ll talk to an old lady of the outback, encounter some wildlife, go scouting for UFOs, talk to visual artist Dida Sundet about her work on the road, and ponder the trials and tribulations of the project..

Stay tuned for the next chapter of our odyssey!


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7 Responses to “Episode 1 | Dive into The Inland Sea”

  1. Matt de Neef says:

    Terrific stuff Steinar. It’s so great to see this stuff coming together. I really enjoyed the first episode and I’m looking forward to many more as they come out.

    Great work. :)

  2. Steinar says:

    Cheers Matt!

    The journey begins… again :)

  3. Christian Wenande says:

    Ser godt ud Steinar, glæder mig til næste del.

  4. Fergalicious says:

    Looking good mate ;)

  5. Kirsti Berg Johansen says:

    Congratulations on finishing the first episode, interesting stuff! :) Look forward to the next ones.

  6. Mary-Lou says:

    Tasty teaser. Now I get the Inland Sea reference!
    Love the edit. Can’t wait to see more. When’s it coming?
    Great background music by the way!

  7. Steinar says:

    Thanks, Mary-Lou!

    Episode 2 will be up some time next week.

    Glad you also like the music!

    Italian Port-Royal will also feature in future episodes of The Inland Sea. You can check out more of their music on their MySpace page.

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