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Settling in at LA Web Fest


Come and see us at LA Web Fest!

First in, best dressed, the saying goes. It could be I’m just uber-eager, but here I am on the second floor at the Radisson hotel, so far the only series on show in the showroom. I guess it’s early days still on a Friday.

Just sifting through the program for the weekend, and there are a number of interesting panels and workshops, on top of all the screenings of course. So here I am mapping out my weekend. Looks like it’s going to be a busy one.

Our screenings are on at 4pm Friday in the Malibu room and 11am on Sunday in the Languna room.

I’ll be on a panel tonight at 8:15: “THE GLOBAL INFLUENCE OF THE WEB SERIES;” with Rich Mbariket who founded Web Series Network; Stephanie Piche who is the CEO of Mingle Media TV; Jean Michel Albert from Marseille Webfest; Stephanie Rizzo who is a producer and cultural minister working for the Office of the Mayor in Marseille, France; and a few other series producers.

The panel will be moderated by Katie Fong-Yoneda, the author of The Script-Selling Game: A Hollywood Insider’s Look at Getting Your Script Sold and Produced.

I’m also on another panel on Sunday, which will be a panel of educators, with Ross Brown who wrote Byte-Sized Television: Create Your Own TV Series for the Internet; Jeff Burke who is the Executive Director of REMAP at UCLA; Erin Reilly who is the Managing Director, USC Annenberg Innovation Lab; and, Rick Gott who is a drama instructor at the Tomas Academy in Sacramento.

This panel will be moderated by Rich Halke, TV writer-producer and transmedia writer.

Really looking forward to it all. There are so many great series we caught at the HollyWeb festival last weekend that will be screening more episodes here, and some new friends that will be great to catch up with!

Once the festival is over, I’ll do a post about all my favorite picks from both festivals, but here are few worthy mentions: Divine: The Series is an eerie show with extremely high production value. It took home two awards from HollyWeb. Hitman 101 is an action-packed series, created by the very talented Scott Staven. You can read about the series on Tom Cruise’s official blog in a comprehensive piece about web series. Other series to look our for: The Division, Headshots, HollyWood Girl, The Big Dick Mike Show and of course my Australian mate Max De Bowen’s series Flat Whites.

Finally, for this weekend’s festival I’m particularly interested to see all the non-fiction series. Although there aren’t that many of them, our genre is better represented here. A total of ten documentary series will be screening at LA Web Fest. So here’s to a niche within a niche!

It’s going to be a great weekend!

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