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Images from the Principality of Hutt River.

Ep. 10: Since April 1970, Prince Leonard I has claimed the Hutt River Province a sovereign nation.

Ep. 8: A 2000 km drive in three days before we farewelled the old year from the camel’s back and went looking for dinosaurs.

Image gallery from the 2000kms drive from Broome to Darwin.

Check out these images from episode 6 of The Inland Sea.

Ep. 6: Alien spacecrafts! Abductions! Government conspiracies! …and a powered campsite for the night, thank you!

Ep. 5: One night at our caravan park in Alice Springs we ran into an unwelcome stanger…

Molly Clark talks about the function of shortwave radios in the bush before there were telephones.

Eirik Laugerud ponders the significance of giving fellow drivers a sign of recognition on the desert highways.

Backpackers Ian and Sara were lucky to walk away with only a few scratches when their campervan took a tumble on the highway.

Visual artist Dida Sundet trying out some new tools and light painting techniques.

Ep. 1: Come travel Australia with us! “This is gonna be a carousel ride…”

This is a backseat-edited teaser trailer for The Inland Sea.