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The Inland Sea goes to Hollywood

Just finished breakfast at the Hotel Hollywood, waiting for Max De Bowen, the creator of the Australian web series Flat Whites, which is also screening at both festivals, and whom I’ll be sharing hotels with this week.

HollyWeb Festival is on tonight. Actually, it starts in half an hour, and I’ve just walked off my flight. The after-effect of the Valium is still noticeable, but at least I slept for an hour on the way here. Check in is not in another few hours, so we’ll have to start the festival experience without a shower even. Oh well, it just adds a certain flavor to it all I suppose.

Very excited to be here. Very excited to be part of these festivals.

Web series are commonly quite underappreciated creative endeavors, and it’s great to see that there are some forces at work, people who are passionate about recognizing the talent and hard work that goes into making independent series online, and who are facilitating networking and building of an emerging industry.

HollyWeb will have its inaugural festival today. 50+ series will be screening at Dim Mak Studios in Hollywood, followed by a red carpet event tonight.

Next weekend the third annual LA Web Series Festival will be showcasing a grand total of 178 series, over three days at the Radisson hotel in LA. In addition to screening two episodes, I will be sitting on two discussion panels during the festival. One panel with other series creators and another panel with North American academics talking about web series in higher education.

LA Web Fest’s growth has been remarkable, and arguably reflects the booming initiative from creative independents world wide.

Their selection panel has been busy over the last few months, as they received over 300 submissions this year.

“Everybody and their dead grandma was submitting shows, festival director and founder Michael Ajakwe joked in a recent press release.

“We actually got a submission called Dead Grandma that actually made the cut.”

Among the 178 series in the official selection, 9 countries are represented. Well, ten if The Inland Sea can represent both Australia and Norway.

And everyone attending will be keeping their eyes on the Grand Prize(s). Ten series will be selected for the Marseilles Web Series Festival in October and will get sponsored flights there.

As for the international series, Australia tops the list, with a total of ten series screening at LA Web Fest. See the full list below, and check them out!

Australian web series in LA Web Fest:


FLAT WHITES (Dramedy)/(Max De Bowen/Melbourne, AUSTRALIA)


ONE STEP CLOSER TO HOME (Comedy)/Alyssa McClelland, Ryan Johnson/Picnic Point, AUSTRALIA)

THE PEEP JEEP (Mockumentary/Reality)/(Greta Harrison, Matthew C. Vaughan, Michael De Robbio/Kensington Victoria, AUSTRALIA)

THE MAKING OF ‘SERBS IN SPACE (Mockumentary/Dramedy)/(Tom Vogel, Steve Trevaskis, Tim Ferris/Melbourne, AUSTRALIA)

SNOW WIGHT & THE STRIPPER:  SEASON 2 (Comedy)/(Sophie Vigors, Clare Griggs/Sydney, AUSTRALIA)

THE BROKEN ONES (Comedy)/(Michael De Robbio/Fitzroy, AUSTRALIA)

THE INLAND SEA:  AN AUSTRALIAN ODYSSEY (Documentary)/(Steinar Ellingsen/Preston VIC, AUSTRALIA)

VEGAN 101:   SEASON 2 (Sketch Comedy)/(Joanne Rose/Melbourne, AUSTRALIA)

SHUTTERBUGS (Comedy)/(Katie McIntyre, David Collins, Lyndal Mebberson, Kayne Termillis/Fitzroy North VIC, AUSTRALIA)

FEVER DREAMS (Comedy)/(Dave Jackson, P. Lloga/Etham Victoria, AUSTRALIA)

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One Response to “The Inland Sea goes to Hollywood”

  1. Terwsutq says:

    well done to all the content producers who have had their work recognised internationally!!PROPS TO YOU ALL and well done on the article
    Pity the state and federal funding bodies in OZ won’t support the producers of online and digital content: they refused to fund colleagues of mine as the LA webseries festival isn’t on the funding bodies list of approved, tick the boxes, follow the red tape, pedantic set of criteria.We’re always 10 years behind the rest of the world in Oz
    Although at least the state funders replied in their refusal to the producers , more than can be said for Screen Oz

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