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Awarded at LA Web fest, site hacked, what next

Representing Australian web series; Max De Bowen and Flat Whites took home three awards.

Yes, The Inland Sea is now an award-winning series! This is extremely exciting!

I’m back from an amazing trip, which included having episodes screened at HollyWeb festival and LA Web Fest, taking part in two very interesting discussion panels, meeting some amazing, talented, nice people and, finishing it all off with winning an award.

All the official photos from LA Web Fest area available here.

Actually, it didn’t quite finish there.

On the way back from LA, my flight made an emergency stop in Honolulu when a passenger had a heart attack. We were flying the new Airbus A380, and the airport in Honolulu is not normally taking these big planes, so with the landing came some challenges for ground staff and our flight crew. (Yes, the passenger/patient got the treatment he needed and was alive when carried off the plane).

To cut a long story short, all 400 passengers were lodged in at a hotel in Ala Moana while the crew rested up, in accordance with flight regulations. It was a rather rainy day, so the sightseeing I got to do was limited, but even that tiny taste of Hawaii got me hooked. I want to go back and see it all now.

Back in Melbourne, I found my site had been hacked while I was flying over the pacific. It has caused some headache and really slowed down the process of getting back into writing and editing the final five episodes. But, the site is now finally back up again (duh!) and there should be a new episode coming next week, and more content rolling out steadily until the odyssey finally comes a conclusion. (At least for now…:)

This was originally written as a rather lengthy blog while in Honolulu, but sadly it got lost after the site got hacked, so this update is merely a quick recap.

Below, I have pasted the big winners from LA Web Fest, the ten series who were selected to feature in this year’s Marseilles Web Fest. (This web series festival ONLY accepts fiction series…).

The crew must have had a hard time choosing between so many amazing series. Congratulations to the winners and check them out below!




1. Hit Man 101 (Canada)

2. El Porvenir (Mexico)

3. Divine (Canada)

4. Fight Night Legacy (USA)

5. Clutch (Canada)

6. Off Screen (Israel)

7. Out With Dad (Canada)

8. The Booth At The End (USA)

9. The Syndicate (England)

10. Gigi:  All American (USA)

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