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Ep. 11 preview: In Geraldton, Ben Clarke is taking a stand against ‘replicating humanity as a series of McDonald’s chains.’

I have finally officially ‘landed’ from the LA trip. The site is finally back up again too, after being hacked. More inside.

The Inland Sea has just set up stand at LA Web Fest. Ready for a big weekend!

Part two of our independent walking tour of Hollywood.

Some images from our first few days in the Movie Mecca.

Monday night at the Hotel Hollywood, The Inland Sea is featured on the iTunesU front page, and we’re in work mode after a quick sightseeing ‘round the block.

The Inland Sea is part of the official selection for HollyWeb Festival and LA Web Fest, this weekend and the next.

The Inland Sea’s culinary champion, Eirik Laugerud marvels over cooking in extreme conditions. Scroll down for the exclusive recipe!

A new animated intro has significantly prettied up the packaging of The Inland Sea. Check it out here.

Shooting on location is always a challenge. Shooting on location on a road trip is an even greater challenge, writes visual artist Dida Sundet.

Here is some more background information about The Inland Sea and what framed the project.

It is with a mix of excitement, nerves and total exhaustion that I now can finally present the first instalment of The Inland Sea: An Australian Odyssey.

A presentation of The Inland Sea at La Trobe University during the Media and Cinema Studies Program’s postgraduate conference in November 2010.

The bilingual challenge: The Inland Sea presentation piece in the latest edition of ANSAnytt.

After a year of reworking the project, and upgrading my candidature to a PhD, it is finally time to start our ‘second trip’ around Australia…

“I’ve had plenty of time to contemplate the significance of the wave. I’ve come to a few conclusions,” writes Eirik Laugerud.

Port Hedland: Volunteers from non-profit organization Care for Hedland are monitoring the flatback turtles’ nesting season.

After two days of filming turtles on Cemetery Beach, we were up for a 880km drive in the hottest weather we’ve had so far.

“I watched a movie on my laptop in the swag the first night I slept in it… before I realized how wrong this was,” writes Ben Hall.

“It’s healthy, lean, and most of all environmentally beneficial to eat.” Eirik Laugerud considers the camel’s position in the Aussie cuisine.

In Roxby Downs we were almost run down by drunken bogans swerving between our tents in a car at four in the morning. Two days later we get chased by motorcycles in the desert.