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Ep. 15 preview: In the upcoming final episode of The Inland Sea we visit Living Waters, a permaculture village in Denmark, WA.

Before we went to the Margaret River Soup Kitchen in episode 14, we met founder Dave Seegar at the Palandri winery, playing a gig with his band Four Bean Mix.

Ep. 14 preview: The Margaret River “Soupie” is not your average soup kitchen. Dave Seegar explains what motivated him to start the communal feast in the 90s.

Ep. 13 preview: Sustainability pioneer Warwick Rowell has been ‘victim’ of many misconceptions about what he does.

Ep. 13 preview: In Yallingup we meet Warwick Rowell, who for more than a decade worked on establishing an ecovillage.

Ep. 12 preview: Next up, we visit the Pinakarri housing co-op in Fremantle, WA. Here, Unnat Natty talks about passive solar features.

Episode 11 outtake: Minor setback at the Pinnacles Desert near Cervantes in WA.

Ep. 11 preview: In Geraldton, Ben Clarke is taking a stand against ‘replicating humanity as a series of McDonald’s chains.’

Preview: In next week’s episode we visit Prince Leonard and the Hutt River Province, who seceded from Australia in 1970.

Preview: Coming up in this week’s episode: We observe Flatback sea turtles nesting on Port Hedland’s Cemetery Beach.

Molly Clark talks about the function of shortwave radios in the bush before there were telephones.

Eirik Laugerud ponders the significance of giving fellow drivers a sign of recognition on the desert highways.

Backpackers Ian and Sara were lucky to walk away with only a few scratches when their campervan took a tumble on the highway.

Curious about life in an ecovillage? Watch this extended interview with Elizabeth Heij from Aldinga Arts Ecovillage.

This is a backseat-edited teaser trailer for The Inland Sea.