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Episode 11 outtake: Minor setback at the Pinnacles Desert near Cervantes in WA.

Image gallery from episode 11: From Geraldton, via the Pinnacles desert, to Somerville ecovillage.

Images from the Principality of Hutt River.

Ep. 10: Since April 1970, Prince Leonard I has claimed the Hutt River Province a sovereign nation.

Ep. 9: Port Hedland may not be the most scenic of towns, but its beaches still offer a natural spectacle.

Preview: Coming up in this week’s episode: We observe Flatback sea turtles nesting on Port Hedland’s Cemetery Beach.

Just a few “holiday” snaps :)

Image gallery from the 2000kms drive from Broome to Darwin.

Image gallery from our croc adventure in episode 7.

Check out these images from episode 6 of The Inland Sea.

Ep. 6: Alien spacecrafts! Abductions! Government conspiracies! …and a powered campsite for the night, thank you!

After our meeting with the alleged brown snake at our caravan park in Alice Springs, we had to stop by the local reptile centre to familiarise ourselves with some other crawling locals.

Check out this gallery for a few shots along the road in episode 4 of the odyssey.

En route from Aldinga Beach to Coober Pedy, venturing into the outback.

A few snapshots from behind the scenes of our first week on the road.

Check out our photos from Aldinga Arts EcoVillage.

Ep. 2: In this week’s episode we head to Aldinga Beach, just south of Adelaide. We meet Lynda McCarty who shows us around Aldinga Arts EcoVillage.

Ep. 1: Come travel Australia with us! “This is gonna be a carousel ride…”

A few snaps of what’s to come…

This is a backseat-edited teaser trailer for The Inland Sea.

“I watched a movie on my laptop in the swag the first night I slept in it… before I realized how wrong this was,” writes Ben Hall.