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Photos from the emerging Living Waters ecovillage, Denmark, Western Australia.

Ep. 15: Living Waters is an ecovillage set on 57 lush acres in Denmark, WA. Founder Dave Coleman explains how worms and shit are foundational building blocks in permaculture.

Ep. 15 preview: In the upcoming final episode of The Inland Sea we visit Living Waters, a permaculture village in Denmark, WA.

A few shots from episode 13.

Ep. 13: In Yallingup, Western Australia, we meet permaculture expert Warwick Rowell, who spent more than a decade attempting to establish an ecovillage in the area.

Ep. 13 preview: Sustainability pioneer Warwick Rowell has been ‘victim’ of many misconceptions about what he does.

Ep. 13 preview: In Yallingup we meet Warwick Rowell, who for more than a decade worked on establishing an ecovillage.

Image gallery from episode 11: From Geraldton, via the Pinnacles desert, to Somerville ecovillage.

Ep. 11: On our journey south in Western Australia, we realise the global financial crisis had a great impact on some people in the area.

Ep. 11 preview: In Geraldton, Ben Clarke is taking a stand against ‘replicating humanity as a series of McDonald’s chains.’

Curious about life in an ecovillage? Watch this extended interview with Elizabeth Heij from Aldinga Arts Ecovillage.

Check out our photos from Aldinga Arts EcoVillage.

Ep. 2: In this week’s episode we head to Aldinga Beach, just south of Adelaide. We meet Lynda McCarty who shows us around Aldinga Arts EcoVillage.

Background material: a few shots from Norwegian ecovillage Trehyttelandsbyen (The Tree Hut Village), part of a freelance job in 2007.

Ep. 1: Come travel Australia with us! “This is gonna be a carousel ride…”

A presentation of The Inland Sea at La Trobe University during the Media and Cinema Studies Program’s postgraduate conference in November 2010.

A few snaps of what’s to come…

This is a backseat-edited teaser trailer for The Inland Sea.