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Photos from the emerging Living Waters ecovillage, Denmark, Western Australia.

Ep. 15: Living Waters is an ecovillage set on 57 lush acres in Denmark, WA. Founder Dave Coleman explains how worms and shit are foundational building blocks in permaculture.

Ep. 15 preview: In the upcoming final episode of The Inland Sea we visit Living Waters, a permaculture village in Denmark, WA.

Photo gallery from episode 14 and beyond.

Ep. 14: The “Soupie” in Margaret River is not like other soup kitchens. Since the mid-90s Dave Seegar has been serving up a vegan feast twice a week.

Ep. 14 preview: The Margaret River “Soupie” is not your average soup kitchen. Dave Seegar explains what motivated him to start the communal feast in the 90s.

A few shots from episode 13.

Ep. 13: In Yallingup, Western Australia, we meet permaculture expert Warwick Rowell, who spent more than a decade attempting to establish an ecovillage in the area.

Ep. 13 preview: Sustainability pioneer Warwick Rowell has been ‘victim’ of many misconceptions about what he does.

Ep. 13 preview: In Yallingup we meet Warwick Rowell, who for more than a decade worked on establishing an ecovillage.

Images from Perth and Pinakarri.

Ep. 12: After dropping Eirik off at the airport in Perth we head south to visit the sustainability-minded Pinakarri co-housing community.

Ep. 12 preview: Next up, we visit the Pinakarri housing co-op in Fremantle, WA. Here, Unnat Natty talks about passive solar features.

Episode 11 outtake: Minor setback at the Pinnacles Desert near Cervantes in WA.

Image gallery from episode 11: From Geraldton, via the Pinnacles desert, to Somerville ecovillage.

Ep. 11 preview: In Geraldton, Ben Clarke is taking a stand against ‘replicating humanity as a series of McDonald’s chains.’

I have finally officially ‘landed’ from the LA trip. The site is finally back up again too, after being hacked. More inside.

The Inland Sea has just set up stand at LA Web Fest. Ready for a big weekend!

Part two of our independent walking tour of Hollywood.

Some images from our first few days in the Movie Mecca.

Monday night at the Hotel Hollywood, The Inland Sea is featured on the iTunesU front page, and we’re in work mode after a quick sightseeing ‘round the block.

The Inland Sea is part of the official selection for HollyWeb Festival and LA Web Fest, this weekend and the next.

Images from the Principality of Hutt River.

Ep. 10: Since April 1970, Prince Leonard I has claimed the Hutt River Province a sovereign nation.